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Dual Drive


Dual Drive Pro.


$ 147




Busy family? High pressure job? Are you an athlete or a performer?

Dual Drive is a new kind of car-racing game: Relax to win! As you play, you’ll use breathing to control your stress levels. A proven tool for peak performance and stress reduction in a fun game format.

Worldwide, clinical programs including Dual Drive have helped people improve their ability to concentrate and advance toward achieving life goals. These programs have also helped developing children, busy families, and people in demanding physical careers reduce stress.

Features and Description

All the fun of video games, with a health benefit

Just because Dual Drive has a positive purpose doesn't mean it's a snooze. Players are able to choose their own car, customize its color, and then choose from among many different missions.

Cars: Police Car, Camaro, Hummer, Dune Buggy, Brock, Cobra, or Muscle Car

Missions: Basic Race, Arctic Iceberg, Aztec Swamp, Coastal Sunset, Lava Land, Lost Desert, Mountain Climb, Oasis Splash, and Snowfall

Track your heart rate

finger sensors

Dual Drive responds to heart rate rhythms and finger sweat changes as measured by USB finger sensors. Heart rate and finger sweat changes are reliable measures of stress and relaxation.

Dual Drive includes tracking and review features that let you view detailed graphs of your heart rate and relaxation levels. Progress reports and session review show your increasing abilities to relax.


Minimum System Requirements

  • Wild Divine The Passage or Healing Rhythms finger sensors
  • Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 operating system
  • Intel Pentium IV Processor
  • 128 Mb OpenGL Video Card
  • 512 MB RAM
  • CD-Rom drive
  • 500 MB of Disk Space