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Hawk Blimp Graff Zeppelin

Hawk 1/245 Graf Zeppelin LZ-127 Aircraft Model Kit.

Item# 70816.

- Working Cabin Lights -
(Battery included)

1:245 scale.
- 38.5 inches (97.8 cm) Long -

$ 94





1/245th Graf Zeppelin Plastic Model Kit.

On its first flight to the United States, the Graf Zeppelin LZ-127 was commanded by Dr. Hugo Eckener, and Captain Ernst A. Lehmann as first officer. The Graf left Germany on October 11 1928, with 20 passengers, a crew of 40, and several tons of mail. In spite of many delays the ship averaged 56.6 miles (91.08km) per hour. Upon arrival at Lakehurst, the craft still had sufficient furl to remain aloft for an additional 55 hours. The flight lasted 111 1/2 hours and had covered 6,000 miles (9,655.80 km).

The return trip to Europe gave the Graf Zeppelin a new record for airships. The flight back was made in the record shattering time of 71 hours and 12 minutes.

During 1932 the Graf made 58 cruises, flew 112,336 miles (180,782.32 km) , carried 1,218 passangers, 6,052 pounds (2,745.18 km) of mail, and 4,459 pounds (2,021.24 kg) of freight. Perhaps there are not very impressive by today's standards, however, the significance becomes plain when we consider that the Graf set these records many years ago.

The Graf Zeppelin made its last flight in 1938 to South America. The Graf Zeppelin was retired and dismantled in 1939. The retirement of the Graf brought the end of the era of great airships.

Key Features:
Lighted Interior.

Scale: 1/245
Model Size: 38 1/2" (97.8 cm) when built
Skill Level: 2 Ages 12 and Up

Hobby Knife
Sprue Cutters

Part Number: HAK70816