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IOM Finger Sensors for Active Feedback.


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This easy-to-use hardware tracks your body’s real-time response on your computer screen as you learn to relax and balance yourself through game playing and immersive, guided meditation training. The three sensors attach comfortably to your fingers to provide a seamless active feedback experience.



The Key to Effective Mind / Body Training
For Optimum Performance and Dramatic Results

The Iom is our patented Feedback Hardware, a scientific instrument made to medical grade standards, but easy to use at home, at the office, or while traveling. Requires no special training.

Connects to your Mac or PC Computer via a USB port, and gently connects to your fingers with comfortable, patented clips. Install Wild Divine software, connect your Iom, and you're ready!

The Iom measures & trains you to master and control your vital states:

1. Levels of stress and tension in you mind and muscles with the use of SCL (Skin Conductance Level)

2. Your overall level of "coherence", a measure of optimum functioning when your mind, body, thoughts and emtions are in synch with the situation you are in.

3. Your ability to "recover" and banish the toxic effects of being "stressed out" and feeling out-of-sych, unproductive or burdened.

By measuring the above, the Wild Divine software can interpret your level of stress, tension, anxiety, or excitement. It allows you to measure and see, instantly, how your body reacts. With training provided by Wild Divine software, you can begin to positively control your thoughts, feelings, and emotions, leading to better relationships, less stress in your life, more productivity, improved focus, and more effectively concentrate on the things that matter to you.

Stop wasting time with passive feedback, and discover the "unfair advantage" of mind / body training with the active, immediate feedback of the Wild Divine Iom hardware.

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