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wil ddivine blue iom


  • Cutting edge Bluetooth Technology
  • Apps sold separately in iOS App store
  • Search "Wild Divine" in app store
  • Free App: Progressive Scan Meditation
  • Connects via ear clip
  • For compatible iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch
  • (see below for compatible models)
  • (not compatible with Mac or PC computers)

Wild Divine IomBlue Biofeedback Sensor

(Wireless for iOS)


$ 94





The IomBlue (Wireless) Biofeedback Sensor

Use with compatible iOS devices - Apps sold separately in App store


Wild Divine's Iom: Observing Mind & Body

Whether you are stressed or calm, tense or relaxed, in a deep meditative state or wrestling with busy brain, your body produces subtle signals like changes in heart rate, heart rate variability, breathing, sweat gland activity, and skin temperature.

The Iom Mind-Body sensor, based on the science of biofeedback, detects key mind and body signals via ear clip, and delivers this information to Wild Divine Apps on your iOS device.





     iOS Device Compatibility:

  • iPad: 3rd generation, 4th Gen, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini, iPad Pro and newer
  • iPhone: 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s+ and newer
  • iPod Touch: 5th Generation and newer
  • Not Compatible with conventional Mac or PC computers



The Wild Divine IomBlue: Ready for your iOS device

1. Visit the App Store and search for "Wild Divine"

2. Plug ear clip into the IomBlue and attach the ear clip.

3. Tap to launch the app, and the IomBlue is detected!

Note: You do not need to "pair" the device, just turn on the IomBlue, and run the app. There is ZERO setup required.




Use the Iom with Wild Divine Active Feedback Software:

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The Wild Divine Super Bundle Pack

Journey to Wild Divine Series

Relaxing Rhythms

Mindfulness Academy